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LOGIC SHELTERS® is introducing in Europe a unique system of private underground shelters. Expert team of architects, mechanical ingeneers and civil protection specialists have been developing the system for two years prior the launch in 2016. Their joint effort resulted in LOGIC SHELTERS® system, which is compliant with the most strict safety criteria and can meet various special needs of clients due to its modularity and variability. The key idea is to provide a tailor made shelter solution to every owner with respect to their specific needs, requirements, property type and shelter purpose. Each shelter is an original.

As a result of unstable security situations, climatic changes and other nuisances of Europe today people feel the need to protect themselves and their close ones. While in the U.S. the emergency shelter market is a well-established industry, in Europe it is just starting. Therefore, we would like to gradually cover the entire EU region with our proprietary module system.

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technical solution

Private LOGIC SHELTERS ® are designed as prefab structures consisting of modules. The program allows the modules to be assembled as per the customer's requirements, such as the time period it is planned to be used, scope of protection and the number of protected individuals.

construction system

The fixed portion consists of a steel structure made of enclosed steel sections.

The overall structure is designed as a sandwich construction:
1/ external protective layer
2/ external insulation layer against humidity
3/ heat insulation
4/ interior layer

The actual modules are of two categories: sheltered individual modules and technical nature modules. In addition to the basic module (with a space for the sheltered), the technical nature module adds an extension that may accommodate a backup diesel generator or an HVAC unit. The individual modules are designed in a way allowing them to be assembled in a workshop, equipped with weapons or additional accessories, taken to the building site and placed onto a prepared foundation.

The entrance module is the only one with a non-standard design. It is a monolithic concrete module and its design depends on the morphology of the terrain where the shelter is to be placed as well as the requirements imposed on the entrance into the shelter (open terrain entrance, from a hideaway area, or directly from the owner's house).

Co potřebuji vědět před stavbou bezpečnostního krytu?

Can the shelter be built at an already existing house?

Yes, of course, if there are no utilities or other obstacles. In such cases it is advisable to find a different location.

How do I find out the total price, including equipment, electronics and other accessories?

The price bids are always prepared based on our customers’ individual requirements. We recommend arranging a meeting with our sales representative to discuss the exact requirements and ideas in detail. As part of the installation, the price for excavation work must be included.

How do you ensure that neighbours or people living in the vicinity do not find out about the shelter being built?

The method of transportation and actual installation are discussed individually with the customers based on the location. There are several options how to work under a "secret" regime. We do not publish this information and it may be discussed at a private meeting.

How long does the construction/installation at the site take?

Most of our installations have been done within 5 to 7 days. Depending on any specific requirements or non-standard solutions the time may extend accordingly.

Do you also camouflage the emergency exit on the surface?

Yes, depending on the surrounding terrain we can design a corresponding camouflage usually using natural materials (stumps, rock gardens, etc.)

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